Frenchic paints at Wolvercote Farmers Market - Sunday, 25th March

March 23, 2018

Frenchic paints at Wolvercote Farmers Market - Sunday, 25th March

I'm very pleased to be building a relationship with the fabulous White Hart community pub, that is run by the local community in Wolvercote. In their large garden room, I've already held two workshops and look forward to many more over the coming year. 

This Sunday I'll be showcasing Frenchic paints and explaining what the different products can do. It would be lovely to see some of you there. Meanwhile, here's some information about this Sunday's market written by the coordinator Matthew.


Every Sunday from 10 a.m. until 1 p.m. at the White Hart, 126 Godstow Road, Wolvercote OX2 8PQ
Hello, friends of Wolvercote Sunday Market!
This Sunday will be the first day of British Summer Time, and also Palm Sunday, a week from Easter Day. Note that on Easter Sunday itself there won’t be a Wolvercote market, so please do your purchasing of good foods and other Easter specialities ahead of time, and perhaps enjoy a White Hart breakfast, coffee, tea, or light lunch while you're there.
Last week it took the dauntless Agnieszka and Antonia of Silesian Bakery two hours to get through the snow to the market. They arrived with their usual good humour, bringing of course that splendid array of breads, cakes, and savouries on which the market depends. It’s not only a pleasure and a week’s eating profit but practically an obligation to buy all you can from such intrepid providers.

This week they will again bring also a selection of 
Easter animals and decorations, generously adapted to the gaudier taste in Easter celebration.
Also at the market, Sheila Cameron will have a display of unique necklaces and ear-rings made by her from found and recycled elements, and offered for sale at modest prices, together with other pretty things for your admiration and enjoyment.

Andrew Campbell of Otmoor Pig Charcuterie will have, in addition to his dry-cured bacon, ham, and chorizo, a Balinese-style ‘Urutan’ salami, made with the traditional spices, including turmeric and ginger. Sarah Doidge of Brynmoor Conserves will bring her jams, marmalades (several excellent varieties), chutneys, pesto and pâtés.
And of course there will be organic eggs from Wytham. These will have come from a new flock, so they may be smaller eggs, in which case our charge will be reduced accordingly. As to what happened to the former flock: you may remember that FAI Wytham have assured your caring market organiser that their older hens are not ‘culled’, as commercial hens normally and ruthlessly are when they start to slacken off as producers, but are re-homed for retirement, as you or I might hope to be.
Meanwhile in the Garden Room at the back of the pub, Mary Zacaroli will be demonstrating how to rescue and ‘upcycle’ your furniture using the new Frenchic paintsThese paints, with their lovely pastel colours, are made from water, chalk, and minerals, and so have none of the unpleasant smell or toxic qualities of more orthodox paint. Come and see them in use!
I hope that you will look in at some time on Sunday morning and enjoy the scene, and I wish you all a happy Easter.
To get there: The no.6 bus starts and ends its route in Home Close, just a few yards from The White Hart, with services every twenty minutes on Sunday mornings (e.g. leaving Home Close at 11, 11.20, etc.). For cars, there’s some space in the street outside and unlimited space in the council park 250 yards further on towards Wytham, on the left.