Hello there and welcome to Paint Buzz. I set up this social enterprise because of my interest in nurturing our internal and external worlds. 

Upcycling furniture is good for the planet and a therapeutic activity that suits all kinds of people - those who prefer to work on their own and those who love the camaraderie of the workshops, those who like the meditative, repetitive quality of the painting and those who love the creativity - for some like me it's all of these at the same time!

I use Frenchic chalk furniture paints as I'm a huge fan and am now also the Oxford stockist. The innovative, eco-friendly, high-quality, non-toxic products have beautiful colours, textures and finishes that make it easy to give old, unloved furniture a new lease of life. One can create something beautiful and useful quite quickly, but also craft something unusual and complex with ease. This is very good for self-confidence and a lot of fun to do.

With the help of funding and grants I also work with third-sector organisations. I'm currently working a lot with Aspire, a charity that helps vulnerable people with housing and job support. With the help of volunteers, we have been decorating three homeless shelters. This has been the perfect opportunity to train up some of their clients in paint techniques with a view to eventual employment.

For those who want to learn more about different paint techniques and enjoy the many benefits of upcycling with Frenchic, please check what workshops are coming up here

Mary Zacaroli