Why Frenchic

Frenchic products are high-quality, eco-friendly, easy to use and provide great coverage. They are pet-friendly and certified for use on children’s furniture and toys (EN17:3). The different ranges, brushes and stencils are intended to tickle your creativity and make life as simple as possible.

Frenchic environmentally-friendly chalk furniture paint can be used on nearly all surfaces and is

  • Certified for use on children’s furniture and toys (EN71-3)
  • Pet-friendly
  • No Nasties and no Toxins
  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Fabulous to use
  • No added VOCs except for tiny amounts in the Al Fresco range - all the ingredients are on the tins

There are a wide variety of colours and finishes including:

Original Range - An all natural, chalk and mineral paint that requires no stirring, shaking or the addition of water. There are no added VOC’s, toxins or solvents and it has virtually no smell - which is important when painting indoors! It also has the EU eco-mark. Generally used with Frenchic's waxes and finishing coat (water-based varnish).

Previous Lazy Range - The same great paint, but with wax already added. All you need to do once the paint dries is gentle rub to buff it. A handy paint when time is of the essence, no prep or finish required. It has also gone through rigorous testing to be certified child safe (EN 71:3).

New & Improved Lazy Range - self priming, self levelling and self sealing with no odour - a smooth and gorgeous paint with excellent coverage. It is robust and it really is a 'paint & go' as it needs no buffing nor sealing! It is also wipeable, certified EN:71-3, so is safe to paint childrens toys etc and dries in a couple of hours. It can also be sprayed too.

Al Fresco - specifically developed as an outdoor furniture paint, but has been used by Frenchicers on PVC front doors, kitchens and general furniture.

Chalk Wall Paints - washable, ultra matte chalk wall paint with very little odour. Applied in only 1-2 coats, they are breathable and durable. Ideal for painting nurseries and children's rooms.

Trim Paints - A subtle satin paint for skirting, coving or woodwork, extremely  high scuff resistance and a robust finish. Trim paint can be used directly onto wood (bare or painted), brick, stone, plaster or any suitably primed rigid surface.

Waxes - clear, browning, defining and white. No nasties, no toxins and a lovely smell. Can be used as a shoe polish too.

Finishing Coat (water-based varnish) - a zero-VOC, solvent, toxin and acrylic free eco-friendly sealing top coat. Can also be used to stop bleed-through prior to painting. Fantastic for decoupage. 

Brushes - Frenchic's Italian handcrafted oval brushes are made with a careful choice of natural bristle to synthetic fibre ratio. This allows them to absorb plenty of paint yet maintaining a brilliant shape, use after use after use.

Easy Crackle - applied between two contrasting colours of Frenchic Furniture Paint.  The first coat determines the colour of the crack and the second, the overall colour of the project, giving your furniture an aged appearance. Also EN71:3* certified, meaning it is safe to use on children’s toys.

Frensheen - a natural mineral finish, available in 5 different colours, that can add 'pizzazz' to your painted furniture. It is best applied by mixing the desired amount to Finishing Coat. The more added the bolder the colour. FrenSheen is extremely easy and fun to use and produces startling results. It has also gone through rigorous testing to be REACH certified.

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