Funded Workshops

From 2019-2021, Paint Buzz ran a project delivering funded workshops to care homes and community groups, thanks to a grant from Oxfordshire County Council’s Innovation Fund. We worked with various charities including the Order of St John's Care Trust, Farmability, Children Heard and Seen, Cutteslowe Community Centre, Evergreen, Aspire, Wow Space Africa UK and Crisis Skylight. We worked with people of all ages and abilities, including young children and elderly adults with dementia and transformed small and large items. Because of the pandemic, the second year was radically different to the first.

Alongside, with the help of Dr Caroline Potter, who is Senior Research Fellow at the Nuffield Department of Population Health and Staff Theme Champion at Ox-ARC, Oxford Applied Research Collaboration, we have been trying to find out what impacts this activity has had on wellbeing. Our initial findings can be found here. We plan to do more research going forward.

Meanwhile Paint Buzz is currently working with Aspire and a group of volunteers decorating a house that is a homeless shelter to make it look like a home. If you would like to help fund this work or to find out more, please contact Mary.